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Direct engraved 2019 American Silver Eagle with engraved case

First Salute

$ 45.00 

What you get with this is a direct engraved silver eagle and a specialty case with two separate engraving plates, front and back.

There is not much room on the coin to engrave so you can only really fit the following on a single face of the coin;

FRONT SIDE(Obverse): Rank/Name

Back Side(reverse): Rank/Name of recipient or pinning date

On the Plates in the case you may choose from your branch insignia on either side, your commissioning source, a special message or quote, etc.


REMEMBER TO INCLUDE YOUR ENGRAVING PREFERENCES IN THE ORDER NOTES. Should you forget, you may just email them to me,


* The picture does not show an engraved coin, please be patient while we update our image library, rest assured your coin will look awesome!

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