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Direct engraved 2022 American Silver Eagle with engraved case

First Salute

$ 59.99 

UPDATE as of 2330 HRS PDT 24 MAR 2022

New style cases are now live.
High definition laser engraved case plates are now live
You may choose
Black engraved to Gold
Red engraved to to Gold
Green engraved to gold
Blue engraved to Gold
Blue engraved to Silver
Engraved plate color swatch

Custom Engraved First Salute Silver Dollar
You get a single, larger engraved plaque in an ultra-lux Numis brand Coin case.
Numis is a Veteran Owned company that we chose to be our supplier of our new cases for our wildly popular engraved case product line.
This case was designed and patented by a former Army Aviator so when you buy this product you are supporting TWO Veteran Owned business.
These cases are made out of high quality acrylic for superior optical properties.
(They look amazing)
As a novel design feature in the unusually mundane world of coin cases, the front face slides up to open. This is quite the departure from all other cases that use an outdated clamshell design.

This case is just a bit smaller in height and width than the the legacy case but is thicker. It feels quite stout and solid when you hold it due to it being about 20% heavier than the legacy style case.
The Block 2 iteration of this product features laser engraved metal plates using our brand new Epilog Fusion Pro Laser. You will be able to choose from a variety of of colors that will lase to gold or silver. This includes Gloss black, Blue, Green and Red metal stock that are engraved thru to reveal a brilliant gold or silver substrate. 

2022 American Silver Eagles 
We also have the 1922 Peace Dollar in stock if you want a 100 year old coin. 

*"BUSINESS STRIKE" SILVER EAGLES DO NOT HAVE A MINT MARK REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY ARE MINTED. West Point is the primary mint for these Eagles, and you will receive a Silver Eagle minted at West Point.
What you get with this is a direct engraved silver eagle and a specialty case with a single engraving plate on the front side.
While this can be a "choose your own adventure" as far as design goes please pick insignia that are common in our service branches for faster turnaround.
For the coin front/rear direct engraving;
There is not much room on the coin to engrave so you can only really fit the following on a single face of the coin;
FRONT SIDE(Obverse): Rank/Name
BACK SIDE (Reverse): Rank/Name or "USMA Class of 2022" for example, or something short and to the point.

Should you forget, you may just email them to me,



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