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Basic Engraved Case

First Salute

$ 18.99 

When we first started out doing custom first salute items I offered this very same case and it was very popular. However, at the time I could only engrave a single piece of brass at a time. Well, things have changed around here and the process is now better streamlined with the addition of a new fiber laser. So as of 01/22/2024 I am happy to report that this style of engraved case is back!


Add any coin from our catalog (except painted) to this case or add your own coin. Tons of sizes available so if you want something other than full silver dollar or half dollar sizes just reach out.

Simple single insert with clamshell design, easy to DIY with your own coin.

The engraving area is considerably smaller than our own line of engraved cases, coming in at 16x29MM

With that in mind the whole idea of this case is to have a simpler, mildly detailed design that gets the point across.

You get one commonly used insignia per side. 

You get a limited amount of text based on the space limitations; like “Presented to Rank/First/last” or “USAF OTS CLASS 24-06” 

You get polished brass on the front and back, colored media is not available for the engraving areas.

You should be aware that the brass can have slight abrasions or small imperfection but will be presentable.

You should be aware that these are third-party cases and as such will have slight imperfections but will be presentable. My cull rate for these brand new out of the box is easily 20% but those get tubed; I will never send you one that is hot garbage. 

If you want a case that has unparalleled optical quality, much better durabilty and more freedom of maneuver design wise, then you should instead choose the more expensive, US made (by me) engraved case.