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Free Promotional Shipping

Well it had to happen at some point or another.

Free Shipping For all Orders is coming to an end.

Now  the default shipping will be USPS First Class Parcel and the pricing is once again Carrier Calculated based on ones location.

Fear not, loyal customers! You can still get free shipping by meeting a threshold order price of 98 bucks or more and for returning customers you may get bumped up to Priority Mail instead of Standard First Class. 

You should know that we never charge more for shipping than what our software says it should be, based on shipping method and your location. That is right, no hidden "handling" fees or other random shipping charges. I do a good bit of online shopping myself and I have always found it VERY annoying when you get to checkout and they want to stick you with an extra 10 bucks for shipping when you know that shipping that particular size/weight only costs three dollars and eighteen cents.



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