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Design Ideas and Popular Quotes

Looking for some design ideas for your engraved coin? Perhaps you are wondering just what we have engraved for other customers. 
Well look no further! This page will help give you an idea of many of the designs we have engraved for customers and some designs that we have not yet engraved.
The first group is Service Branch Insignia Sample Service Branch Display
These can be paired with a limited amount of text or the Branch seal of the coin recipient.
Engraved Silver Eagle
We can also do most Branch Insignia as well, like these Army branch Insignia
Army Branch Insignia
Engraved Coin with Pilot Badge
Here are some USN examples
Naval insignia
Rank, Insignia, Crests and Badges
Rank and insignia
If you are wondering what items can be paired with a particular coin case or presentation you may reference this work-in-progress Coin-org flow chart. It has pastel colors and lines pointing every which direction.
Custom Coin Flow Chart