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We make every effort to ship all non-customized items within 24 hours, often we can ship an item on the same day or next business day.
Customized items can take 1-2 days longer to complete so if you are running up against your suspense consider getting a non customized item instead.
If you are a week out from commissioning consider using the express option to ensure a timely delivery and expedited handling. 
It is important to us that you receive your item promptly without it costing you an arm and a leg so lets look at what options are available to you as we ship exclusively with USPS. Please keep in mind that all logistics providers are dealing with high volumes and covid, in fact the
USPS no longer guarantees Express will arrive in 2 business days.
So the shipping information below from USPS is more like a guide line.
USPS First Class Mail *3-12 Days 
USPS Priority Mail *3-7 Days
USPS Priority Mail Express *2-5 Days
Everyone knows that mail theft is on the rise. Please do not delay in getting your
mail from your box. Please do not wait a month after receiving your delivery confirmation to tell me that you never received your item.
If you are on the west coast as we are, you will receive your item faster by default.
However, for some reason packages to Cadets/MIDN at Norwich in Vermont, usually arrive within 2 days of shipping.
Ideally you should not be waiting till the last few weeks before your commissioning suspense to order your silver dollar. However, we often take care of customers who order at the last minute and the vast majority of them get their coins in time.
In the event you have waited too long and cannot feasibly get a coin by mail in time, go ahead and shoot me an email at and more than likely I can point you in the right direction for your coin to meet your looming suspense.
A fair warning about the shipping timelines of other online coin retailers. There is a high likelihood that your coin may be shipped not on the same day, or even within 24 hours but sometime within the week and you may even pay over 8 dollars for standard shipping. We do not roll like that here at We know you are extremely busy and have your deadlines.
We get your order downrange pronto!