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 ****please do not make a submission unless you meet ALL the requirements****

Back in the day when I was an Army Green-to-Gold ROTC Cadet at the University of Oregon I was a very busy lad. Not only was I cadet in an awesome ROTC program, I was SMP in the Oregon guard and working graveyard on the weekends. On top of this all, I was raising a family who was for the first time in years, getting used to me being there on a regular basis. 

Looking back now, I realized how focused I was on completing this mission and staying true to all my commitments! It took a ton of work and effort to see it through, and often it was not easy. 

I decided I wanted to do something for Cadets and MIDN that now find themselves in the same circumstance I was in. This is why I have decided to provide a promotional First Salute Silver dollar to one Cadet or MIDN, from each ROTC/AFROTC/NROTC program each year who meets the following requirements;

Free Coin Candidates must meet these requirements

  1. Prior Service enlisted
  2. Raising a Family
  3. Simultaneous Membership in the Guard or Reserve
  4. In good standing in their respective commissioning program

Obviously with nearly 500 commissioning programs in the United States, this equates to a whole bunch of potential free coin recipients so I must be pretty stringent on the requirements! It is our hope that this program will generate additional exposure for my Veteran Owned Small Business, but the bottom line is these Cadets will have a nice silver dollar to present to their enlisted mentor!

If you are Program Cadre and want to nominate a really awesome candidate for a free first salute silver dollar, please snag the form below. You are free to email it to your program colleagues.

Please, these coins must be presented to ones first salute.

Grab the nomination form!

Or, email me if you need a copy.



CPT Andrew Reed, retired