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Tips for presenting your first salute silver dollar

I have had some people ask me the best way to present their coin during their commissioning ceremony so I am taking a moment here to pass on a few tips for you, do no fret it is pretty straightforward! 

There are two different methods that most people use;

1. Keep your coin in your left trouser pocket.

This works well because after receive your first salute you will render your salute in return in which case you should already have come to attention. Your left hand will be very close to your pocket and you may just reach in, transfer it to your right hand, then pass it off during you post salute handshake. 

2. Palm your coin in your left hand .

Usually you will have a few moments between pinning and your first salute in which you may simply hold the coin in your left hand. Chances are it will not be visible and not interfere while you stand at attention. When the time comes, transfer it to your right hand and pass it off to your enlisted mentor. This may be the best approach for you if you are wearing uniform that has few pockets.

We would also recommend you avoid carrying unnecessary items in your trouser pockets which will alleviate any potential mishaps and also keep your coin from getting scratched up!

You may have purchased a coin that comes in some sweet mint packaging. In this case obviously the packaging is too bulky to fit in your pocket. Luckily you may simply remove the coin from the larger boxes ahead of time and give them to your mentor post ceremony. If you want to present it in the mint issued flip-case, you may wish to check ahead of time if it will get in the way somehow. If it does, you may just remove the coin from this box.

We do not recommend attempting to remove the coin from the protective capsule it will come in. These help protect the coin from damage and skin oils so the coin will stay looking awesome for many years!