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2023 Silver Eagle Pre-Sale

I will be opening up the pre-sale for 2023 Silver Eagles on 26 Dec 2022.

However, I will not be able to start shipping these till late January, 2023.

1923 Peace dollars are also available if you want a coin from 1923 instead.

Alexander Selling Completes 4,834 Mile Ruck

A number of years ago in the high Cascades of the PNW I ran into a Veteran who was hiking the entire Pacific Crest Trail to raise money for Veteran Suicide Awareness. Well he finished that hike, starting in California and Finishing at the Canadian Border. Epic Journey.

Well last year Alex started another epic adventure and this time his goal was to take on the American Discovery Trail. After many months and as many sets of boots he finished that hike as well. Starting on the beach in Maryland and just recently finishing on the beach in Southern California. I wanted to share this because I felt, and still feel inspired by his journey. So if as a Veteran you ever get in a low spot, que up one of his videos of his epic hike and take the time to put your self in his boots for a moment.



Silver Eagle Price Increase

Silver Eagle Price Increase

Well I really hate to do this but because of nearly unprecedented price volatility in the Precious Metals market, I am raising prices on Silver eagles again.

It is important to me to have affordable items but over the last few days the prices have shifted in such a manner that I have been selling at or near my replacement cost.

If you are on a budget, please check out some of my other items there are other great coins to be had that are still great quality and more affordable.

2021 Silver Eagles have Landed

2021 Silver Eagles have Landed

We are happy to announce that 2021 Silver Eagles are now in stock.

While they look the same as all the other years every time we pop open the lid on that first tube, it is exciting.

The Silver Eagle design will change this year so this year will be the only year thus far to have two different designs. The only changes planned are to the back or "obverse" of the coin and will occur later on in the year.


Good stuff!




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Free Promotional Shipping

You can still get free shipping by meeting a threshold order price of 98 bucks or more and for returning customers you may get bumped up to Priority Mail instead of Standard First Class. 

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2020 Silver Eagles

There has been considerable interest in the 2020 Silver Eagles and when we will be able to offer them.


We usually get our mint fresh eagles in around the middle of January. And they wi;ll be ready to ship, immediately!

Even though they always look the same as the previous year we are still excited to pop-open that first tube!

More and More engraving!

I thought it would be a good time to add some pictures here that are going up on Pinterest to better highlight how the custom engraving has been going.


It has been going pretty darn awesome!


Free Silver Flag Bar!

Free Silver Flag Bar!

As part of our new checkout referral program, you can both hook us up with soon to be new Officers and you can get some neat items in return!

This is the Silver Flag Bar you get for referring your peers at checkout!





We are very excited to announce that we have added custom engraving to our line of quality services!

For the time being our offering includes a cased silver eagle of the year of your choice with one or two(your choice) small brass plaques.

On these plaques we can engrave your name and the name of your enlisted mentor who renders your first salute. Each coin case allows two different plaques. Also we can engrave your Service branch seal as well as other graphics or custom text, quotes, etc.