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Free Promotional Shipping

You can still get free shipping by meeting a threshold order price of 98 bucks or more and for returning customers you may get bumped up to Priority Mail instead of Standard First Class. 

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2020 Silver Eagles

There has been considerable interest in the 2020 Silver Eagles and when we will be able to offer them.


We usually get our mint fresh eagles in around the middle of January. And they wi;ll be ready to ship, immediately!

Even though they always look the same as the previous year we are still excited to pop-open that first tube!

More and More engraving!

I thought it would be a good time to add some pictures here that are going up on Pinterest to better highlight how the custom engraving has been going.


It has been going pretty darn awesome!


Free Silver Flag Bar!

Free Silver Flag Bar!

As part of our new checkout referral program, you can both hook us up with soon to be new Officers and you can get some neat items in return!

This is the Silver Flag Bar you get for referring your peers at checkout!





We are very excited to announce that we have added custom engraving to our line of quality services!

For the time being our offering includes a cased silver eagle of the year of your choice with one or two(your choice) small brass plaques.

On these plaques we can engrave your name and the name of your enlisted mentor who renders your first salute. Each coin case allows two different plaques. Also we can engrave your Service branch seal as well as other graphics or custom text, quotes, etc.




Free coin program launched

We want to give away some first salute coins this year to Cadets or MIDN who meet a few requirements.

We have already done this for a few programs here in the NW and the feedback was very positive!

No one else is doing this and it is a nice way to give back.

We have also dropped a new page onto our menu providing the deets!


Stay frosty!

Rusty Lininger, truly his brothers keeper.

Well it has been quite some time since I have posted so I guess it is about time I get on it!

I wanted to take a moment today to give a plug for my good friend and fellow Veteran, Rusty Lininger.

A few weeks ago I was having a tough go of things and Rusty showed up to help me out. He has an uncanny way of putting things in perspective. 

Thanks Rusty!


Rusty also just launched a website for his fly fishing guide service. I will post the link below, please check it out!



Milestone Reached!

Milestone Reached!

We are happy to announce that our little website is now receiving more traffic than 91% of the Shopify stores that launched in the same week as ours!

I guess that means we are doing things right, only 9% to go!

A big thanks to our customers and visitors for helping us reach that next foothold!



New website theme is LIVE!

New website theme is LIVE!
Over the past few days, users have reported slow loading times for visits made from mobile devices. This has been fixed.

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