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Frames for Coins, Free Shipping!

First Salute

$ 54.20 

*Pre-sale. Available starting 1FEB2024

After thinking about this off and on for a few years I am happy to announce you can now get a coin, a custom engraving and a sweet bamboo frame all at the same time. 

The frame measures about 6.5x8.5 inches and for reference would typically house a 4x6 photo. 
However, we will get it squared away with a sweet setup for your coin. With multiple Leatherette foreground and plaque colors available you can get creative with the color scheme, making this a real standout presentation. 

This can be paired with any coin in the catalog or any coin that you have for it and is easy to get set up.

What I like about this item is that it does not have an obnoxiously large frame and feels sturdy. Also it can be displayed hung in a wall or on a flat surface with the included  kickstand.

The Leatherette material will probably affect the coin finish over time. How long that may take could be a few years to many years. Typically it is best to keep coins in a chemically inert holder to reduce the chance of coin toning. This item is NOT suitable for proof coins because of their delicate finish or rare stuff.

For the time being I will work with you personally on your frame design and color scheme until I get the conditional logic for the options picker set up for this item on the site.