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Giving Back donates some of our proceeds from selling first salute coins to a number of Veteran Oriented organizations or other worth while endeavors.

This page will serve to introduce some really awesome individuals each with their own mission in support of Veterans. Each of these people have had an immediate impact on my own life, and that of other Veterans.

The first organization I wanted to share is Source One Serenity.

S1S is a local registered non-profit that takes Veterans on outdoor adventures in our local area here in Oregon. I know Rusty and he has taken me out fly-fishing and some austere wilderness camping. His mission is to get Veterans off the couch and share with them the tranquility and peace he experiences in the outdoors. He has a compelling story and this endeavor he pursues is worth while. Interestingly enough one of his mentors in both fly fishing and being ecologically minded is the legendary WWII bad-ass, celebrated conservationist, dedicated fly-fisherman and fellow Oregonian, Frank Moore.

Please check out their story here


The second person I want to tell you about that is really putting himself out there to help Veterans is Alexander Seling. I first met Alexander Seling in the most peculiar way in which to meet a person. Back in 2016 I was headed up to one of Rusty's Veteran Camping events for Source One Serenity with my kids and my Doggo. We piled into my pickup and headed out on a back-road route that would take us way out up and over the Cascade foothills into the high country towards Lake Lemolo. Now in the middle of literally nowhere, I came around a corner and there was this dude, hiking along the steep graveled Forest Service road. He was wearing high end outdoor gear and a big ole pack. I stopped and he explained he was hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and he had to take numerous detours as the wild fires that year had pushed him along way off the PCT. He explained that he was not actually sure where he was so I offered him a lift to the next junction and he hopped in the back of my truck. It was early in the morning and it was quite cold still and I could see him toughing it out in the back of my truck along the bumpy road so I stopped and invited him to ride up front. We got to talking and it turns out he was an Army Iraq Veteran as well, a former Combat Medic. He was hiking the PCT from the US-Mexico Border to Canada to raise money for Mission 22. I got to learn more about him on our short ride and I offered him a ride to the next trailhead but he insisted, he had to hike as much of his route as possible. Respect. For the next number of months I was a regular viewer of his YouTube channel where he chronicled his trek and he freaking did it. He hiked from Mexico to Canada.


Now he is going one step further, a different trek with the same mission. He is currently as of APR 2021 hiking the American Discovery trail. Coast to Coast. A journey I am excited to support. 

Here is his Page    Please check it out.


UPDATE: Alex just completed the American Discovery Trail! What a RUCK. Nearly 5,000 miles. Take a moment out of your day to watch a few of his amazing videos of his journey. His trials and tribulations, the setbacks and victories. Each upload is a unique insight into his journey. Spectacular scenery from coast to coast, friendly pups and the best America has to offer. Embodied by the intrepid spirit of the man, the myth, the LEGEND...Alex Seling, my own personal unsung hero.