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1991-1995 World War II 50th Anniversary Commemorative Silver Dollar

United States Mint

$ 67.99 $ 75.00

Like many Americans, my grandfather served in WWII. In fact he was a real deal WWII American bad-ass; as a young officer he lead an attack that  liberated captured American Soldiers. He never told me about his service but if he was still around I would present him this coin.  At anyrate if your NCO is a WWII buff, then this is the silver dollar for you!
The front or "obverse" features the Allied Forces storming the beaches of Normandy.
The reverse of the coin features the "flaming sword" patch as well as the following quote by General Dwight D. Eisenhower; "I HAVE FULL CONFIDENCE IN YOUR COURAGE, DEVOTION TO DUTY AND SKILL IN BATTLE. WE WILL ACCEPT NOTHING LESS THAN FULL VICTORY!"
I have these both in proof and uncirculated with the original packaging. I also have them with the coin and base only as well as in a two coin set which consists of the silver dollar as well as a half dollar.
Coin Specs:
Weight:  26.73 grams nominal
Diameter:   38.10 mm 
Composition:  90% Silver; 10% Copper

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