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Eisenhower Silver Dollars

United States Mint

$ 22.00 $ 23.00

If you go to the bank an buy and "Ike" dollar it will 99.999% of the time HAVE NO SILVER CONTENT. Nearly all Ike dollars in general circulation have no silver content and therefore are not silver dollars and not suitable for commissioning ceremonies.
We do not sell the mundane Ike Dollars here, all Ike Silver Dollars for sale here are true "Silver Dollars" in that they have an actual precious metal content. If you are on a budget, this coin may offer the greatest value for you. Chiefly, you are able to present a REAL silver dollar, one that pays tribute to one of America's greatest, General of the Army as well as commemorating the Apollo 11 moon landing.
All Ikes offered here are in UNCIRCULATED condition with or without their mint packaging. They are all 100% guaranteed to be a 40% silver coin 

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