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Nickel Ride Coin and Case

First Salute

$ 24.99 
SKU: 4435818

Bad ass Nickel Ride coin and presentation case.
Let me know what year you need and you can pick between the two case styles.
The case dimensions are 60x85mm and 7mm thick, comes with a birth year Nickel of your choice. 100 year old nickels are available with a bit of lead time, so reach out on that. If you already have a Nickel to use you can order a case without one.  I will include the install tool for you and slapping it together is a user level operation. Too easy!
The Flame Vortex variant  features a high resolution printed acrylic core with a glossy varnish relief on the front with solid white as the rear of the print.
The OCP Clear variant features a high resolution printed acrylic core with both the OCP type pattern and a laser engraving.
The OCP Wood variant features a wood core with an high resolution print on acrylic and an engraving on the wood. This variant can receive a rear engraving for a small additional fee.

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