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2018 Silver Eagles Have Landed!

2018 Silver Eagles Have Landed!

Fresh from the US Mint, 2018 American Silver Eagles are now available!

They are already selling briskly, this is a very popular coin!


Good stuff!



2018 Silver Eagles will be here soon!

2018 Silver Eagles will be here soon!

We expect to get our first shipment of 2018 Silver Eagles before the end of this month!

If you need this coin, make sure to check back in the last week of the month or look for the Pre-sale going on next week in our silver eagles section!





Forest Fires and....

Oregon among other places has been burning up!


There is a fire nearby but thankfully it rained today (finally)


Big shout out to all the fire fighters and volunteers out there!

School is out for summer

Actually been out for a while now.


Congratulations to all those who earned their bars this spring and best of luck to the new crop of leaders going through CLC and various other summer training events!

Winter weather

Yup, it is still cold.

Spring Has Sprung

Almost hard to tell from here in Oregon, still getting plenty of snow in the high country.

Near the end of spring, thousands of cadets and midshipmen across the country will receive their commissions and become officers in their respective branches.

Bets of luck to you all!

Summer has come to an end

Well summer is done and with it we welcome the colorful hues of autumn. This also means that tens of thousands of cadets and midshipmen return to school. This is going to be a good year for us, I can feel it. Since we launched the new domain and moved our cart to Shopify, we have seen an explosion in traffic. In fact we are now receiving more hits than 88% of Shopify stores that launched the same week as ours! Exciting!


New things, I have added the 230th Marine Corps Anniversary Silver Dollar to our catalog. It is a great coin and we will have a hard time keeping it in stock! 


Additionally, I added other new coins and variants to the site. Took all new high rez photos and got them all scaled nicely to play well with each other for the most part.

Stall classy



Summer is moving along

Well in the depths of summer and we have had a nice reprieve from the blistering hot weather in both Washington and Oregon. It is a forgiving overcast and quite nice really.

We are awaiting more information on the Shopify Build a Business competition to see how we placed. i suspect a good showing all things considered. I built this website while deployed to Afghanistan so it was not without its challenges, but every bit worth it.


As ever, 



Eisenhower and Korean War Commemorative Silver Dollars and Google Wallet

Well the title pretty much says it all.

Have added two new items, real nice Eisenhower Commemorative Silver dollars in a striking and large green velveteen mint case and the Korean War Commemorative Dollars in a nice blue velveteen mint case.

Additionally, Google Wallet has now been activated too allow Android users to make even quicker and easier purchases using their mobile devices.


As ever, 



New products, new capsules and two scoops of Hooah

Well, things are just moving right along into graduation season and you all certainly are keeping us busy!

We have added a number of new products to the site to include the Eisenhower Commemorative Silver dollar which comes in an impressive and large green velveteen case. We have also added the Disabled for Life Commemorative Silver Dollar as well as a few others that will round out our offering to our discriminating clientele'.

Finally, most of thew silver dollars we sell are 38.10mm in diameter, for instance most of the commemorative silver dollars. However all the Silver Eagles are 40MM in diameter and it was beginning to be a real hassle in dealing with the black foam ring sizes for the different type of coins. Because of this we are immediately transitioning to a direct-fit capsule for all Silver Eagles. They look very sharp and still fit perfectly on their matching Air-Tites easel.