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2015 Silver Eagles have Landed!

After quite a wait from our pre-order date, we are pleased to announce that 2015 Silver Eagles have arrived. Additionally we have a small amount of Hologram Silver Eagles stocked as well, they look awesome.

Along with that we have made a few changes to the website to include;

*Added a round up charity app

*Improved mobile layout

That is all for now!




Well it has been about 15 days since the new site went live and so far things have been moving along quite nicely! I have had an opportunity to provide many coins for new Lieutenants about to earn their commission and have had a chance to speak with a number of them. These motivated young leaders are about to embark on an adventure, not without it's pitfalls but well worth it regardless.


So here is to these young warriors, I salute you!

This new site is live! offers a better experience for the customer and will streamline operations in creating new products, inventory management and tracking shipping for both I and the customer.


It was not too arduous of a task setting up the website, even from my room while here in Kabul. Shopify turned out to be a very simple shopping cart platform to use. They handle the hosting and one does not need a third party credit card processor and all the hassle they are in dealing with. I did get to relearn photoshop and GIMP, an opensource graphics editor.


If you think you have something to display or a product to sell I would highly recommend you give Shopify a try. Just copy and paste the referral code below to get started.


So that is about it for now




First Post

Testing a Blog Post. There it works...simple