Banner displaying commemorative silver dollars. Infantry Silver Dollar, Marine Corps Silver Dollar, Army Silver Dollar, Constitution Silver Dollar.


This new site is live! offers a better experience for the customer and will streamline operations in creating new products, inventory management and tracking shipping for both I and the customer.


It was not too arduous of a task setting up the website, even from my room while here in Kabul. Shopify turned out to be a very simple shopping cart platform to use. They handle the hosting and one does not need a third party credit card processor and all the hassle they are in dealing with. I did get to relearn photoshop and GIMP, an opensource graphics editor.


If you think you have something to display or a product to sell I would highly recommend you give Shopify a try. Just copy and paste the referral code below to get started.


So that is about it for now




First Post

Testing a Blog Post. There it works...simple